Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Big Debut

Jessica and Evelyn made their big debut today. We took them to church this morning! It was the first trip out of the house that didn't involve an appointment with one of their many doctors. They were so cute in their little dresses! We wanted to get a picture, but we were on the verge of running late this morning and then they were screaming when we got home because it was time for them to eat. So we were not able to capture the milestone moment. Oh well, I'm sure we'll miss others, too.

The trip went really well. When we got to church, we dropped them off in the nursery. Our friend Kecia was in charge this morning, and since she's a mother of three I knew we didn't need to worry. We quickly got them settled, filled Kecia and Emily in with the important highlights, and scooted into the sanctuary right as the service was starting. After the service we picked them up and then showed them off to everyone. It was nice to be able to go out as a family!

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  1. I know it feels good to return in a small way to "normal" life (whatever that is!). Congrats on their first big outing! We can't wait to meet them.