Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a Week!

The last 7 days have really been a rollercoaster ride. We started off last Saturday (May 1) celebrating with Jason's family as Scott and LeAnne were married! We spent Sunday hanging out with Mark and Ashley, who came up to help out with the girls during all of the wedding activity. A wonderful weekend with great family!

Then came Monday morning when Evelyn was diagnosed with a sinus infection, ear infection, and pink eye, all from a cold gone bad. Then Wednesday afternoon Jessica spiked a fever of 104.2, promting a trip to the doctor for a double ear infection.

Both girls were put on Omnicef. (If you ever had a child on Omnicef, you'll understand this next part!) Then came the poops...bright orangey-red, rust colored ones. Wow! Along with off and on fevers the rest of the week. And, of course, they're both teething on top of everything.

The good news is that both girls are feeling much better today. They're still a little tired, but eating better and playing harder.

A happy Jessica.

It's nice to have our sweet Evie back!

Jessica's new favorite thing...feet! Mom's, Dad's, Evelyn's, anybody else who happens to be passing by.


  1. They are soo adorable! I understand Omnicef, very well! Olivia is allergic to Amoxicillin, so they always give her omnicef. You should try to get them some pro-biotics when they have to have it - it helps A LOT! Our pediatrician recommended Florastor. They sell it at the blue ridge pharmacy and some other specialty pharmacies.

  2. Total side note, where did you get those headbands? I LOVE them!