Monday, August 31, 2009

One week at home

Today marks one week that the girls have been home. What a week it has been!!!

We've had two trips to the pediatrician for checkups. The checkups have gone great. The doctor is very happy with the progress the girls are making. Both are gaining weight well, with Jessica now at 5lbs 6oz, while Evelyn is at 5lbs 5oz.

We see the eye doctor on Wednesday to get a check on the girls' ROP. Fotunately, the girls seem to like the car rides. In fact, I'm thinking about taking Jessica for a ride later if she decides that 1:30 am is playtime again tonight. :)

The girls seem to like it here. The only times that they are fussy are when they are hungry, or when Jessica gets jealous or lonely, or when daddy tries to use the bulb syringe on their noses. Seriously, that must be listed somewhere as a tortue device. Fortunately for me, the girls have short memory spans!

Well, time to go for now. Jessica, (who is in my left arm and not helping me type) is getting hungry again. Time to find her pacifier to see if I can satisfy her til midnight.

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