Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing Special

The only update we have right now is that the eye doctor appointment went well. Both girls' eyes are improving and we are not anticipating having any long term problems. We're just hanging out and doing all the regular baby, sleep, poop, repeat. We have cute pictures though....

Jessica likes to know where everyone is at all times. Touching Evelyn while they sleep is a must.

Sweet sisters.

Evelyn taking a quick nap before going to the eye doctor. Aren't her froggy feet cute?

Jessica napping before the eye doctor too. Doesn't she look just like a porcelain doll?


  1. A complete disagreement with the title, have we. (And a little too much time with the Star Wars). I think those pictures look like everything special... hugs! Beca cannot wait to meet them!

  2. Im so glad everything is going well! They look as cute as ever!