Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally...An Update

We're sorry we've been so delinquent on updating the blog, but we've had a very busy couple of months. We're hoping to win your forgiveness by posting a bunch of picutres for you!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, someone was sick almost every weekend. Evelyn had croup, Cynthia had a stomach virus, and Jessica had bronchiolitis. Luckily Superdad, Jason, was able to stay healthy enough to take care of everyone.

We had a pretty good Christmas and New Year. We were able to see our families, which is always a treat. The girls travelled fairly well; we were impressed with how well they did. But they were definitely tired of us by the end of the holidays and ready to get back to their schedule and their friends at daycare. Here's a picture from Christmas. Obviously they weren't really into the holidays...until they discovered paper and ribbon!

After Christmas we experienced our first ear infection. Poor Jessica had it in her left ear, most likely caused by the serious congestion she was fighting. After several days of staying home and sleeping, she was back to her old self.

Both girls are continuing to grow. Evelyn has pretty much caught up to where she should be for her gestational age of 5 months. Jessica is still small, but the eating switch seems to have turned on recently, so we're hoping she continues being a hungry girl and will starting growing. Right now there's about a 5.5 lb difference between the two of them. Check out the size difference!

Evelyn is ready to be a big girl. She has started rolling over from her back to her stomach. We're having to watch her pretty closely to make sure she's not rolling half way on top of Jessica! I know you've all seen babies roll over, but now you can watch Evelyn!

In addition to rolling over, Evelyn has found her feet. She also wants to sit up so badly she can hardly stand it. We got her a Bumbo seat this weekend and, since she can sit up and play with her feet at the same time, we now have one happy little girl! Isn't she adorable?

Jessica has also started rolling over, but she's rolling from her stomach to her back. Between the two of them we have a full rotation! You can watch Jessica's achievement as well.

Jessica is enjoying the Bumbo, too.

We hope you enjoyed the update! We promise to try to be more diligent about posting in the future.

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