Sunday, March 7, 2010

She's Plenty Big

That's what the pediatrician said about Evelyn at the girls' 9 month check up on Thursday. She weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 1 oz and was 26.5" long. (I feel like I'm describing my latest angling adventure when I give the their stats!) We asked the doctor if we should continue fortifying Evelyn's milk to give her some extra calories to grow and that's when he replied, "Nah. She's plenty big."

Jessica is still our tiny tot. She was 13 lbs 12.5 oz and 24.25" long. Needless to say, Jessica will be staying on fortified milk. She is catching up though. She has out gained Evelyn by 4.5 oz over the past 4 weeks. Jessica suddenly decided that she likes food after all and has been eating like a champ. We have transitioned her from eating every 3 hours to eating every 4 hours; which means she is now on the same feeding schedule as Evelyn. (Thank goodness! Whew!) She also LOVES baby food. So far squash, peas, and applesauce have been her favorites. Evelyn isn't as fond of baby food and would prefer to stick to milk.

Our "Diva Duo!"

The pediatrician was pleased with both girls' developments. He said they're right on track for their corrected age of 6 months. They are each a little ahead of the other in different areas. Jessica is ahead on solid foods and her "vocabulary." She has started incorporating some hard consonants into her babble. We hear ba ba, da da, ga ga, and ma ma quite often, but she's not associating these "words" with anything yet. Although it was quite amusing the day she got mad and screamed ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma into her mother's face, as if she was calling her mama out for doing whatever made her so angry!

Much like her mama, carrots are not her favorite.

Evelyn's sitting skills are a little ahead of Jessica's. Evelyn can sit unsupported for a few seconds and can sit alone for longer periods of time if she has a medium to large toy in front of her to help steady herself. She has also cut her two bottom front teeth! We don't want to jinx anything, but Evelyn hasn't had too much trouble cutting these teeth. She's been slightly more cranky on a couple of occasions, but mostly has just been sleeping a little more than normal. It kind of makes us worry how bad it will be when Jessica starts.

Evelyn has taken to sleeping with her "Lambie." She likes to snuggle it to her face while she's going to sleep.


  1. They have gotten so big and cute ;) Love, Jessica (Their favoite nurse!)

  2. They look so cute in their diva duo outfits!! We can't wait to see you all soon. Love You !!
    Mark and ASh