Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another good day!

Mom was pretty tuckered out after being at the ICN for the better part of yesterday afternoon. We decided to take it easy today and only stay for a couple of hours.

Evelyn's digestion has improved. She had a small poop this morning. She's still not digesting all of her food, but it is getting better. I got to hold her today for about 45 minutes. That was great! After some whimpers, she got real snug right down. For a little while we were both asleep.

Jessica is still doing well. Cynthia and I got to watch and I even helped out during the assessment. I got to change her diaper again, (2 days in a row!!). I also got to swab the inside of her mouth with a prophylactic liquid. This is just to prevent any possible infection due to the CPAP machine.

She's such a good girl, she opened her mouth right up and let me swab her. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. As soon as I got the swab out and handed it back to the nurse, she gave me a really good gag face. :)

Mom is still tired so we are going to try to take it easy again tomorrow.

It's tough to get really good pictures of the girls right now. They keep the lights low in the room, or cover their special beds with a blanket which makes getting clear pictures tough. As soon as we get some good ones, I'll post them.

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  1. I am so very happy for you all and so glad the girls are doing such an amazing job being to tiny! They have to be fighters, just look at their parents! Glad to hear they are making daily progress - every little bit helps. We'll keep you in our prayers.