Friday, June 12, 2009

First time tag team

For the first of I'm sure many chances, Cynthia and I were tag teaming today changing diapers during the girls' afternoon assessments. Cynthia took Jessica, while I had Evelyn. We were both glad to see that both tummies are working! I think that Evelyn was excited too. After I got her cleaned up and had the new diaper in place, she ... expressed her gratitude again :)

Both girls are now on feeding pumps, and are steadily getting increases in the amount of food they receive. The pumps allow them to get the food over a longer period of time.

On Thursday, Evelyn and Jessica received head ultrasounds to check for any bleeding. This is standard as little ones like our girls are susceptible to bleeds. Both reports showed no problems.

I think that Jessica likes to pick on me already. She'll wait until things get real quiet, and then she'll make one of her monitor alarms go off. It's just temporary, and then she picks right back up. When you look at her she has this little grin on her face as if to say, "just wanted to make sure you were paying attention." I think she is going to be trouble :)

Evelyn is just content to be left alone. She is just happy to lay there and not be bothered. I think she gave us a "can't you tell I'm sleeping" look earlier today.

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  1. Your magic with kids is astounding! Glad it works with yours! Poop, girls, poop!