Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Day Yet

We had another good day today. Evelyn and Jessica are both still on their CPAP's, but haven't needed any extra oxygen lately. YAY! If they continue to do well, we may be able to try to start weaning them off the CPAP in a few days.

They are both almost back up to full feeds. Of course, the increase in food resulted in some MAJOR poop during their 4:00 assessments. We're not complaining, especially since we've been waiting for Evelyn's bowels to start working again, but we're wondering how so much stuff can come out of babies that are so tiny. And you know it's bad when two nurses and Mom (who happens to be a seasoned diaper changer) declare in unison, "Oh, gross!!!"

And, the best for last...I got to hold Evelyn for almost 2 hours this afternoon! She really likes to be held--I think she's going to be our lap baby. Jessica on the other hand, only likes to be held for about 20 minutes and is then ready to be put back to bed. I have discovered that Evelyn seems to really like it when I hum "Down in the Valley" while Jessica likes "Clemintine." I'm not sure why they like these particular songs, but they relax and calm right down when I hum these when I hold them. I guess the notes must resonate just right in my chest. It will be interesting to see if these tendancies continue once they're bigger.

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  1. Gee...I remember a little girl who used to love it when someone sang "Clementine" to HER back when SHE was a princess. I guess the tradtion continues! :-)

    Nonna Becky
    (aka The Queen Mum's Mum)