Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today's news

Cynthia got to hold Jessica for the first time today. She held her for about an hour. Jessica made her first poop. That's good because it means that her tummy is working. YAY!!! During the afternoon assessment, I got to change her diaper. I didn't know they made things so tiny, and then the nurse reminded me that the top flap needs to be folded over, because they are still too big for the babies.

That should change soon.

Evelyn is still doing well, although her tummy is not working quite as well as her sister's. I was supposed to get a chance to hold her this afternoon, but we decided to wait until tomorrow to see if the tummy processes improved any. The tests that were ran didn't show any problems, so the docs think that her tummy is just a bit slow. That should improve over the next couple of days.


  1. I am very excited to hear that they are doing soooo well!! :-D
    I am sure you are a very proud daddy ... of course, that means "Daddy's Little Girls" are probably already working on wrapping you around their fingers :-D
    I can't wait to meet them!!
    Congrats again!!

  2. Their "cousin" Rebecca is so happy to have littles that have a June birthday - she thinks that's cool. I think it's pretty cool that 22 can equal 4 (Cynthia will understand)!! And I love the June, July, August split you guys have going!! Glad to hear they are taking milk. All the folks I know who have been through it are super impressed by how amazing they are!

  3. Maybe you should hold Evelyn, from what I hear you have the touch to end constipation in children. ;-)

    take care

  4. Dear Spruil family,

    That's right, family. Go girls go! You too Jason. Stay vigilant and keep up the good work. Try not to stare at the monitors too much.

    We are so happy to hear that you all are doing well. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if we can get you anything, or do anything. Do not hestiate to ask.

    Take some pictures. You wil enjoy capturing your two new angels. Make sure the proud parents get in a few. You will get a kick out of seeing yourselve as Mom and Dad.

    Take care,
    The Vincent Family,
    Steve, Penny, Mary Rachel & Caroline

  5. Glad to hear the girls are doing well. Did you ever think you would be excited about poop?


  6. Jason you do have that special power of holding kids and them pooping...We are praying for you guys and if you need anything let us know. Natasha is free anytime ya'll need any extra hands. Love you Guys Brian, Natasha and the kids