Sunday, June 28, 2009

Darn Flu

Well, the flu bug has hit Durham again. The ICN has reinstated the flu restrictions. This means that only parents and grandparents are allowed to see the babies. Bummer. But it is for good reason, and we do appreciate taking precautions to keep those nasty bugs out.

The girls had a so-so day today. Both girls needed a unit of blood, due to low hematocrit levels. This is expected from time to time. This means that they didn't get to eat as much today. When they get blood they have to be NPO (Latin for nothing by mouth) for four hours prior to and four hours following the transfusion. They also both had to get new IV lines to get the blood with. They were not real happy this afternoon, as you might can imagine.

They should be a bit happier tomorrow as they should be able to resume their normal feeds.

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