Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exploding diaper, take 1

So I showed up at just the right time yesterday. As I walk into the ICN, I see Cynthia and Jessica's nurse huddled over top of her bed. I thought that maybe there was something wrong, but no, they had just finished cleaning Jessica's isolet. Evidently, Jessica's diaper is not exactly fitting as well as it once was, and well lets just say, it sounded messy. She may move to the next larger diaper because as her nurse said, "I only like to have to do this once.".

Otherwise things are fairly quiet for our girls this week. Jessica is getting closer and closer to getting a chance to try to go without the CPAP. She held her sats (oxygen saturation) up basically the entire time I was there yesterday afternoon, including a few minutes where we weren't able to get a good seal with the mask.

Evelyn is a little behind with her sats. The doctors did an X-ray on her yesterday and it showed that she does have a little bit of fluid on her lungs, so they have started her on the same diuretics that Jessica has been on. If she responds as well as Jessica did, then that shouldn't be a problem for long.

The problem with being on diuretics is that it makes it harder for the girls to gain weight. Slowly but surely they are increasing, although both girls have been down in their weight the past few days.

It seems like both girls enjoy eating. Aside from a few cases of reflux, while they are getting feeds, you barely hear a peep out of them. If you have to take their feeds away for a period of time, such as when they get a blood transfusion, you will definitely hear about it.

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