Friday, July 3, 2009

Jessica Joins the Kilo Club

Right now Jessica is our little superstar! She has been doing amazingly well the past few days. Jessica has FINALLY started gaining weight. She now weighs more than 1 kilogram (1.010 kg = 2 lbs 3.5 oz)!!! She is also starting to come off of her CPAP. They are in the process of weaning her off the CPAP and transitioning her to the nasal cannula. A nasal cannula is the thin tubing that sits under the nose and tucks behind the ears (except her ears won't hold it in place so we have to tape it to her cheeks). She's doing very well with the nasal cannula, so hopefully she'll be able to come off the CPAP completely in the next couple of days. It was so nice to see her whole face and head without the CPAP on! Jessica is continuing to handle her feeds well and has reached her goal of 5.25 oz per day.

Evelyn is still having kind of a rough time. She still has a little bit of fluid on her lungs, but the fluid is beginning to drain off. She has steadily been improving on keeping her oxygen sats up, but still needs a little help from time to time, especially if she's being moved around or at the end of her feeds when she has a full belly pushing up on her lungs. Evelyn is holding her weight at 2 lbs 8 oz. They were working on increasing her feeds today. I think she's up to about 4.5 oz per day. Hopefully the rest of the fluid on her lungs will drain off soon and she'll be able to gain some more weight since she won't have to be fighting so hard to breath.

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