Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Babies

So not really BIG babies, but we're getting there. Evelyn is now tipping the scales at a whopping 3 lbs 1 oz! Woo hoo! Not to be too outdone by her big sister, Jessica is only 2 oz behind Evelyn! We're so glad the girls are finally putting on some weight. Hopefully they'll be chunky monkeys before too long.

The girls are beginning to mature a little bit. We have been able to see a big difference over the past week in the way they are acting and responding to their environment and stimulation. The both are doing better tolerating being moved around and transitioning between sleep and awake stages. I guess the doctors can see some of these improvements too because they are weaning both girls off of some of their medications and increasing their feeds. We should be able to tell in a few days if they can handle these adjustments.

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