Thursday, July 16, 2009

Six Weeks Stats

Yes, our girls are six weeks old today. This means that they are at 32.5 weeks gestation. Evelyn is now 1277 grams and 40 cm long (2 lbs 13 oz and 15.75 inches). Jessica is still slightly smaller weighing in at 1194 grams and measuring 37.5 cm long (2 lbs 10 oz and 14.75 inches). They're both still tiny, but they're growing! We can see the 3 lbs milestone looming on the horizon!

Since Evelyn is getting bigger the doctors have decided that it may be time to see if she can begin regulating her own temperature. So far the isolets have been adjusting the air temperature based on the baby's skin temperature. If she gets cold, the air heats up. If she gains weight (or holds her weight) again tonight, they'll set the air at a certain temperature and see if Evelyn can maintain her body temperature. If she does, they'll slowly decrease the air temperature to room air temp. We'll see how she does with this transition.

The doctors discussed moving Jessica to the Transitional Care Nursery (TCN) this morning. Jason and I aren't completely comfortable with this step since she still occasionally has a desat or brady episode and she can't regulate her own temperature. But considering that we don't have medical degrees I'm not sure our opinions count for much. Fortunately our nurses talked the doctors out of moving Jessica. The ICN nurses all love our girls and want to keep them as long as possible. They also know it's easier on us to have them side by side rather than in two different nurseries. So, for now, they're still together. We'll see how long we have that luxury.

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