Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Surprises of Little Girls

Mommy and Jessica were having some quality time relaxing and snuggling this afternoon. Mom tucked Jessica (who was wearing only a diaper) into her shirt for some kangaroo care. Suddenly, things were warm in a new spot on Mom's chest. Had Jessica moved her leg to a new spot? NO!!! Surprise! She peed all over Mommy! Luckily Mom had an extra shirt, so no real damage and she still loves Jessica anyway!

Here are a couple of new pictures of Jessica. Sorry that they're a little dark. Eventhough she's growing, the preemie clothes are still too big!

Evelyn got a bath today. This was the first real bath that Mom and Dad were able to give. Once she got over the shock of being put into the water, Evelyn enjoyed her bath. Here are some cute pictures of her.

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