Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Update

Things are still going very well for our girls. Our biggest news is that both girls have been working on regulating their own body temperature in the isolets. The goal is to be able to maintain their body temps when the air temp is 27 degrees C. Evelyn has been regulating her own body temperature since Friday. Her isolet is currently set to 29.6 degrees C. Jessica's nurse changed her isolet over to air temp today to see how she would do. So far she's been able to maintain her body temp, too! I think her isolet was set at 29C.

We're still trying to get both girls to gain weight, especially Jessica. We incorrectly reported Jessica's weight in Thursday's post. At that time, she was 1144 grams (2 lbs 8 oz), not 1194 grams (2 lbs 10 oz). I'm sure you can see how we mis-read the third digit. Since Thursday Jessica has lost an ounce, but Evelyn is holding steady at 2 lbs 13 oz. The ICN staff is trying to figure out why the girls are not gaining as much weight as they would like, so we'll see what they figure out and decide to do.

Our most exciting news has absolutely nothing to do with us. There's talk that our best ICN buddy may get to go home tomorrow! YAY!!! We are so excited for the family (and a little jealous)! Please pray that tonight goes well for them and that they get to take their little guy home with them tomorrow.

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