Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Steps

Evelyn is steadily improving. Her lungs appear to be getting stronger each day. She's not needing the oxygen increases as frequently as she was just a few days ago. Her diuretics have been reduced some, since they appear to have been working. Because of the diuretics, her electrolytes are a bit off, but that can be taken care of easily. She's caught up with Jessica on the amount of food she is getting, but instead of getting hers over 2 hours, she gets it over 3, to cut down on possible reflux.

Evelyn likes to sleep in the afternoons, so she's not really active when I visit during the week. She seems to be more active overnight. That's one thing we need to get fixed before she comes home. :)

Evelyn does have some ground to make up though to catch up with Jessica. As you can see from the pictures below, she's got a bit of a head start...

Can you tell what is missing? (Hint... look at the nose)

The nurse also removed the feeding tube from her mouth. So we got a chance to see her face without any tape, tubes or masks.


Hey! What happened... So Jessica is not completely ready for life without a feeding tube yet. It has been moved from her mouth to her nose, which is good. When she becomes able to feed from a bottle she'll lose this tube too. That should come in a few weeks.

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  1. One of the two cutest nieces we could ever have!! - Ashley