Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Stuff

The past two days have been full of good news for us! Jessica had a huge growth spurt. Since last week she has gained 5 ounces and grown 2.5 cm. She is now 2 lbs 13 oz and 15.75 inches! She has caught up with Evelyn in weight and is only 1 cm, or .4 inches, shorter.

Jessica was evaluated by the speech therapists Tuesday afternoon, who said they were very impressed with her. Jessica gave them a great demonstration of all she can do...sucking on her pacifier, calming herself down, being alert, and responding to touch and stimulation. She was delcared very mature for 33 weeks. Since she did so well during the evaluation, the therapists said she was ready to start "Lick and Learn" which allows her practice breastfeeding. This will help her learn to suck and swallow and will help with the transition from the feeding tube to the breast/bottle. We had a "Lick and Learn" session this afternoon and Jessica did very well. The lactation consultant said that Jessica did the best of any baby she's seen on their first try! We're so proud of our little super star!

Evelyn hasn't gained any weight this week, but she did grow 1 cm. She should start gaining some weight soon since she had the blood transfusion on Monday. Evelyn was evaluated by speed therapy this afternoon. She also did very well showing how she can suck on the pacifier, respond to touch/stimulation, and transitioning from asleep to awake. She doesn't calm herself down quite as quickly as Jessica does, but everything she's doing is appropriate for 33 weeks. We should be able to start "Lick and Learn" with her next week, if she gains some weight over the weekend. We'd rather her use her energy to grow right now.

We should see the physical therapy and occupational therapy teams for evaluations soon. Hopefully we'll get good news from them as well. Until then, we're still focusing on growing! We'll keep you posted.

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